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Opportunities for Business Visas in the USA

If you would like to do business in the USA but are not a native of this country, there is a special program that allows people like you to invest in the United States. Lawmakers introduced bills such as the Startup Act 3.0 and the Immigration Innovation Act which were drafted to be added to the immigration reform law. These bills make it easier for the best foreign students to study and develop businesses in the USA. In return, the development of startups and establishment of other businesses strengthens the USA economy.

With the Startup Visa program, foreign-born entrepreneurs who launch startups that become successful are allowed to stay in the USA. These entrepreneurs are required to have a certain level of financing and employ a certain number of workers for them to be required to remain in the country. There are also other programs that investors can consider when they want to start businesses in the USA. These programs include the EB-5 visa, which has been in use, allowing immigrants to make business investments in the USA.


With Startup Act 3.0, the Visas aim to give immigrants an opportunity to start and grow their businesses in the USA. In this program, immigrants who have studied and attained degrees in United States colleges and universities in the STEM fields are given a high priority. With immigrants having had a positive impact in the development of the US economy, these new visas are touted to help them create businesses that would benefit both parties. For more facts and information regarding US immigration, you can go to


In the recent history, the number of immigrant entrepreneurs has been on the decline nationwide. From 2006 to 2012, immigrants in the USA employed over a half a million workers. Their businesses went on to generate over $63 billion in sales over this period. This made them a significant part of the economy that shouldn't be ignored.  Know more about employment visa attorney.


According to the Kauffman Foundation, the new visas under the Startup Act will lead to the formation of over 1.6 million new jobs in the next 10 years. The visas are estimated to help over 75,000 immigrants to start and grow their businesses in the USA. These are mostly those who are on the F-1 student visa and the H-1B specialty visas already. Those in these category will need to at least employ two full-time workers who are not their family members and have a minimum investment of $100, 000 for them to be allowed to continue operating their businesses in the country. This new visas open way for even more developments in the USA. To learn more about the Eb-5 investor visa program, you may follow the link.