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How to Get an Investor Visa

If you're considering immigrating to the US for business, you should first make sure to have all the required information together. Getting an investor visa isn't something to joke with. To be successful in any kind of business in the US or in your home country, you must create a business plan and map out the whole business structure.

The immigration and citizenship office of the United States says that there are two kinds of options of investor visa. The first one is known as the EB-5 visa. Well, this kind of visa is for someone who immigrates to the US to start a business and create jobs. This visa is also ideal for those who want to buy into an already established business in the US. The two investor visas are considered temporary but may result in permanent residence if all goes according to plan and you can show that you've been able to successfully run a business.


The applicant for EB-5 investor visa must have a minimum of 1million dollars to invest and must create at least 10 jobs. There are no exceptions. If you don't have that kind of capital, you won't get this visa. Thus, it's important to make sure you're eligible before applying. You can also learn more about US immigration by checking out the post at


The second kind of visa for investors is called the E-2 visa. This investor visa is suitable for those arriving from treaty countries. The E-2 requires that those who want to immigrate to the US first invest in the economy by buying an existing business, investing in an already established business, or starting a business that will boost the US economy and create at least 10 jobs.


The immigrant who gets the investor visa must stick to their business plan as well as prove their business management skills over a certain period of time in order to remain in the US. If not, they must go back to their country.


You need to work with a local business immigration attorney when you are applying for an E5-5 or E-2 investor visa. Some of the formalities and paperwork can be complex and challenging for the average person. When you strive to create a successful business, you want the insurance of an attorney, so it's wise to hire legal representation to help you sort out your paperwork.


As you work hard to make your business successful in the US, you want someone to help you out. That person is an immigration lawyer. Learn how to find a US based employment visa attorney.